When we were youngAll my life has been under the sign of the Tao, as I’ve always been swinging between two opposites, rationality and spirituality, science and art, day and night, good and bad company (obviously the latter are more fun and are those that make you grow). I was born in Rome many years ago. My first rock concert was the Rolling Stones in Rome (1967). Brian Jones was alive and kicking with them. Music has always been my greatest passion. All music, from Bach to Talving Singh, passing from Stravinsky, Mingus, Beatles e Zappa. I’ve played in many groups since 1973, then in a cosmic rock music with Indian influences, on to an Italian group that played Japanese drums in the Kodo style, which is the name of the Japanese band and not of the drums themselves.I’ve been a DJ (ethno-trance-psychedelic-electronic style) in a number of parties and in a couple of FM radio’s in Rome, late seventies in a radio called Radio Roll and late nineties in a radio called Radio Rock (I swear I didn’t do that on purpose). Today I do something every now and then in a third radio called Radio Città Futura.To earn a living, I’ve got a honour degree in chemistry, and now I am a scientist. My field is the measure of paper properties and international standards on this subject. I’ve travelled all Europe for business and a good part of the world for pleasure.And then I love reading and writing. Formative readings: Melville, Ginsberg, Kerouac and Burroughs, Tom Robbins, Mark Leyner, Ishmael Reed. Then Hugo, Baudelaire, Lautréamont, Rimbaud. Then Ungaretti, Vittorini, Buzzati, Morante. Then Kafka e Hrabal. And some hundreds more…

For many years I’ve been playing a game called Go (Wei ch’i, Baduk). I’ve even represented Italy at the 8th World Amateur Championship, Tokyo 1986. I am the founder of the Go Club of Rome “Fujisawa Shuko”.

To sum up, I love pleasure. I love figurative art, travelling, sailing, walking in the woods and trekking in the mountains, good food and wine, good beers and comfortables in general.

Most of all, I love to share all this with my love Emily Little, painter.


Have a taste, go to a post whatsoever…

2 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. vazyLeon Says:

    Un chemico ? che pecatto !!!! o sono io che vino troppo tardi … e io chi pensavo mandarti le canzione mie daque registrate o piutosto domandarti per mezzi di registrazzione ! ^_^ Non ho anchora visto tutto il sitio, ma vado farlo. Anche ho visto quello di Emily Little, che mi ha piaciuto. Tanti Auguri (per l’anno chinese). Frederic

  2. Ciao Frédéric!

    Mais si, tu dois m’envoyer tes chansons! Je dois les mettre dans mes podcast!

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