Exactly five years ago Steve Jobs launched the iPod.

Lot of skepticism in the beginning (who on Earth would buy a 400$ mp3 player with a hard disk??!?) and then the huge, gigantic success that’s under everybody’s eyes.

Why? Music, of course.
But, beyond that, is it necessary? Certainly not.
Is it beautiful? Certainly yes.
It puts together a zen aesthetics and a zen simplicity.

But remember, Beauty is very often absolutely “unnecessary” from the business profit-productiveness point of view, and yet we crave it, and enjoy it.
And sometimes, after all, it can be turned into profit, as Apple very well know…

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Fake Steve is back!

October 2, 2006

Couple of months ago I told you about a hilarious blog, called “The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, aged 51 1/2”, written by somebody that mockingly gave him/herself out to be Steve Jobs, Apple CEO and “inventor” of the iMac and iPod.

Success was immediate, at least among us MacFreaks.

Then the blog content was completely erased by its owner for no evident reason (the blog site was still there, empty).

Cries of protest arose all around the net, so after a while a practically identical blog appeared again, seamlessly continuing the satire of everything non-Apple.

It appears that the new “Secret Diary” is written by the same bloke, who just changed again his/her mind (if you go to the old address you are redirected to the new blog), but it seems to me that his/her touch is a tad heavier than previously, see the tongue-in-cheek (how much tongue-in-cheek?) tirade against Greenpeace.

Still there’s a lot of fun to be had, if you’re a real MacFreak!  Comments by readers are mostly written just as they were addressing the authentic Steve Jobs…

Now, just imagine if it really is the real Steve Jobs having a helluva lot of fun!!!

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For all you Apple freak (just like me) out there!

This is a hilarious blog written by someone faking to be Steve Jobs (for you unenlightened people, he’s the founder and CEO of Apple, inventor of the iMac and the iPod…), written as if the mic was turned off.

He makes fun of everything outside Apple, and of himself, speaking as a hip dude from California…

Check it out, if you’re a real Apple freak you won’t stop laughing…