In search of beauty

Another blog… Surely one more in several millions doesn’t make any difference.

We’ll be talking about all that fills our life with beauty and pleasure.

It seems that recently the world throws at us unawareness, ignorance, arrogance, violence and such filthiness with a certain ease. Even if we’d simply like to be left alone and to mind our own business, we are nonetheless relentlessly assaulted by someone or something that wants to destroy our space of freedom and to drag us down in a maelstrøm of craziness.

It seems also that searching for beauty and pleasure is becoming more and more difficult: we must act with a strong will to carve out a space of peace, quiet and enjoyment for ourselves. But it is certainly worthwhile to make that effort, as Beauty is what keeps us alive, what adds points to our karma, and that therefore through us betters our environment, in a positive feedback of exponential growth… Am I being too optimistic?! Well, that very world that fills us with horrors gives us also all that is Beautiful – we just have to go and take it!

So we will talk of art, literature, music, travels, food and wine, love and meditation, and of a wonderful oriental game called go…

Until the next…
Fulvio Savagnone (aka Avatar DJ Flux)

Have a taste, go to a post whatsoever…

One Response to “About”

  1. Emily Says:

    Well, thanks for that Smell!!!Just as well I was mentioned otherwise there would have been trouble when you got home!!Don’t forget that it’s Emily Jean Melville Little of Paraparaumu birth not some other lesser Emily Jean Melville Little from somewhere inconsequential.

    (Ed.: This comment actually refers to the page “Who am I?“, that was previously part of this page)

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