Dino Campana’s Il Viaggio e il Ritorno

April 22, 2007

Following my latest post – alas, of some time ago – I’d like to give you another podcast of poetry reading.

I’d like to making these podcasts a reagular feature of RadioRockTO, your favourite PodRadio (TO stands for “The Original”), in a column called “La Parola e il Suono”: I have currently presented at very irregular intervals three readings (Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”, Gregory Corso’s “Bomb” and the latest, Dino Campana’s “Il Viaggio e il Ritorno”). My plan is to propose new podcasts with a regular cadence, maybe every three weeks…

This third issue of “La Parola e il Suono” is dedicated to “Il viaggio e il ritorno”, taken from Dino Campana’s “Canti Orfici”.

Campana is one of the most important Italian poets of the early XX century. Plagued by bouts of mental instability that society and medicine of that time were able to treat only by locking you in asylums, he used traveling to somehow come to terms with his nightmares.

Campana’s poetry can be vaguely referred to as symbolist: the Canti Orfici are an oneiric journey between dream and wake, with powerful language and structure, so that Pier Paolo Pasolini even made a comparison to the contemporary Cubism.

Click on the device below to hear my reading (in Italian, eh)…

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