Gregory Corso’s Bomb

March 16, 2007

Poetry is word and sound, and strength.
It can open consciousnesses, change the world, change ourselves. Poetry is sheer emotion.

I have started a new column on RadioRockTo, your trustworthy PodRadio, called “La Parola e il Suono” (The Word and the Sound), where the apple of your eye i.e. the undersigned very shamelessly reads poetry: the first issue was dedicated to Allen Ginsberg‘s “Howl”; the second, available for downloading as of tomorrow, is dedicated to Gregory Corso and its renowned “Bomb”.

“Bomb” is a magnificent invocation written at the height of the Cold War (published in 1960), full of a sweet and ironical apocalyptic visionary, an explosion of onomatopoeic images that proclaim an empathic and endless love for a mankind so irremediably and stupidly self-injurer.

Now I’d like to experiment with WordPress audio possibilities: I will try to insert below the podcast containing the reading of “Bomb”. The podcast is about 15 minutes long and is, alas, in Italian: I don’t trust my English pronunciation that much…

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