RadioRockTo, the PodRadio that – ehm – rocks!

January 13, 2007

RadioRockTo, your trustworthy internet PodRadio bursts with activity. Every day there is a new one-hour podcast, brought to you by the 12 “official” DJ podcasters, which are, in strict alphabetical order: Franz Andreani, Marco Artico, Flavia Cardinali, Gianpaolo Castaldo, Gianni Ciaccio Giampiero Crisanti, Massimo Di Roma, Michele Luches, Stefania Modugno, Stefano Santoni, Fulvio Savagnone (aka Avatar DJ Flux), Aldo Semunuk).

Our friend Francesco Cauli, God blesss him, hosts on his server a streaming of our podcasts, so you can also listen to us at this URL:

In addition to the daily podcast, you can also download some periodical columns of more thematic subjects, structured as shorter podcasts.
At the present the available columns are, still in alphabetical order:
Buongiorno Rock Compact 2007, by Aldo Semenuk, that comments almost daily the news or simply the thoughts occurred to Aldo when waking up in the morning.
Il Korriere Kosmico, by yours truly, which presents news about events, concerts, tours, records and books issuing, and everything else in the world of music and audio-visual arts in general, all selected according to my very personal taste.
LivePod, by Perez, that provides emergent Italian bands with a showcase that includes interviews, live and recorded music, etc.
La mente che cancella, by Sergio De Vito (ex Epsilon Indi), an extraordinary mix of voices, sounds, noises and music that builds every time a new sonic organism.
Piccola radio dell’aria, by Gianni Ciaccio, that comments political events, with special attention to what happens in the Third World, to globalisation and environmental issues.
Prova d’orchestra, by Franz Andreani, that presents classical music with an in-depth comment.

Finally, in the hope of wetting your appetite, here follows the song list of my podcast, which will be available for download tomorrow 13 January and the day after tomorrow:

The Gladiators, Bellyfull, from Trenchtown Mix (1974, Virgin)
Sínead O’Connor, War, from Throw Down Your Arms (2005, Rocket Science)
Ben Harper, Diamonds on Your Side, from Diamonds on Your Side (2003, Virgin)
The Band, I Shall Be Released, from Music from Big Pink (1968, Capitol)
Cressida, Cressida, from (ehm…) Cressida (1970, Vertigo Records)
Robert Wyatt & Friends, Sea Song, from In Concert at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane 8 September 1974 (2005, Hannibal)
Rachid Taha, Barra Barra, from Made in Medina (2000, Ark21)
Various Artists, Kaninba, from Mandekalou 2 (2006, Syllart)
Oumou Sangaré, Saa Magni, from Oumou (2003, World Circuit)
Devendra Banhart, Ay Mama, from Niño Rojo (2004, Young God)
Joanna Newsom, The Book of Right-On, from The Milk-Eyed Mender (2005, Drag City)
Midaircondo, Could You Please Stop, from Shopping for Images (2005, Type Records)
Andriy Kyrychenko, The Scope of My Perception, from True Delusions (2005, NexSounds)

See you all on, then!

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