And now fetch the Whisperer…

November 7, 2006

logo3_nero.jpgFinally the blog of Il Bisbigliatore, the micro publishing house very underground of whose staff I’ve been part of for some years, is on and running.

Il Bisbigliatore has already published a book of poetry that has sold more than 400 copies so far (go and ask the big publishing houses how many copies they sell for a poetry book…), another one is about to be published, we have organised many events & happenings with great success of both critic and public – one of them, very important, in memory of Gregory Corso.
We haven’t uploaded yet all the content we want to upload, but you can already get an idea. Meanwhile, you can find below our statement of intentions…

Il Bisbigliatore (the Whisperer) appears in a 1969 novel of William S. Burroughs (“The Last Words of Dutch Schultz”).

Il Bisbigliatore is a mutant organism in which artists and ideas converge: an underground dream in the nobler meaning of the word, built from scratch with the contribution of those who cannot help but rebel to the loss of value of the individual.

Experimenting around the territories of communication through the production of works of different nature and the organisation of events, happenings and exhibitions in which such works are presented, Il Bisbigliatore aims principally at stimulating the individual thinking and the confrontation with what is imposed to him/her, with the hoped-for result of widening the cultural, emotional and intellectual horizon, for all those involved.

A whisper in favour of mankind, this time

Stay tuned, we will very soon propose new events & happenings, then we will post some excerpts of prose and poetry from our authors. In short, we won’t twiddle our thumbs…

The blog is in Italian, but if you want something translated, just ask me.
While I’m at it, the title of this post is the English translation of the Italian translation of W.S. Burroughs, as we have only the Italian edition of “The Last Words of Dutch Schultz”. If any of you could help with the original wording, we would be really grateful…

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  1. […] Stay tuned, we will very soon propose new events & happenings, then we will post some excerpts of prose and poetry from our authors. In s … Thanks alot.Link to original article […]

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