The movie on Go Seigen

October 12, 2006

go-seigen-1.jpgThe much awaited (at least by us go players) movie on the life of Wu Qingyuan (Go Seigen in Japanese), probably the greatest player of the XX century (somebody says of all times), will be shown at the first Rome Film Festival next Sunday 15 October.

Born in China, Go Seigen was brought to Japan in 1928 as a child prodigy to play go at professional level.

go-seigen-3.jpgIn 1930 he was already one of the few top players. In 1933, together with his friend-rival Kitani Minoru, he developed a new theory for the opening (“Shin Fuseki”) that took by storm the traditional way of playing. He quickly became the strongest player of the time.

Being a Chinese naturalised-Japanese, he was sometimes the object of racist intolerance in Japan, and, conversely, the Chinese Authorities in post-war Japan subjected him to harsh treatment (passport retired, etc.) for his ambiguous state.

In 1947 he was forced to leave the Nihon Ki-in, the Japanese professional go association. One of the reasons was allegedly his joining a suspect religious sect. Despite this, he kept on beating regularly all the Japanese top players in a series of one-to-one challenges expressly organised by sponsoring newspapers. I will soon post an account of these thrilling challenges.

Today, at 98, he still plays go and leads a study group for professional go players.


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2 Responses to “The movie on Go Seigen”

  1. VincentV Says:

    Two thumbs up for Go Seigen-Sama 🙂

  2. nitySlitunk Says:

    Are you attempting to play with my somber switch I have a nice joke. Did you hear about the dyslexic atheist? He doesn’t believe in dogs.

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