The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, Aged 51 1/2

July 25, 2006

For all you Apple freak (just like me) out there!

This is a hilarious blog written by someone faking to be Steve Jobs (for you unenlightened people, he’s the founder and CEO of Apple, inventor of the iMac and the iPod…), written as if the mic was turned off.

He makes fun of everything outside Apple, and of himself, speaking as a hip dude from California…

Check it out, if you’re a real Apple freak you won’t stop laughing…

One Response to “The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, Aged 51 1/2”

  1. Neil Says:

    It disappeared on Monday, all that remained was an RIP notice. Then this morning while browsing around I stumbled across a link from what I think was a page to the identity and from there to a new page with the words “I’m baaaack”. Unfortunately I failed to bookmark it and I haven’t been able to find the link again.

    If you are interested check out my lens on Squidoo (url above), if it does reappear I plan to install some RSS feeds.

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